IEC61850 Standard

IEC61850 is a standard for the design of electrical substation automation.  The abstract data models defined in IEC61850 can be mapped to a number of protocols. Current mappings in the standard are to MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification), GOOSE, SMV, and soon to Web Services. These protocols can run over TCP/IP networks and/or substation LANs using high speed switched Ethernet to obtain the necessary response times of < 4ms for protective relaying.

CPP and its former parent company CONCO have been at the forefront of IEC61850 implementation over the past few years.  With an enviable reputation in South Africa as a market leader in IEC61850 technology the following projects were achieved:

  • City of Cape Town. The first SEL implementation of the standard in South Africa.
  • City Power (Distribution utility for Johannesburg), a number of IEC61850 substations some with over 40IED’s
  • DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), large 220kV Transmission substation, IEC61850 dual redundant network. Interlocking and tripping via GOOSE.
  • Nelson Mandela Metro (Distribution utility in Port Elizabeth), the first three IEC61850 substations in this municipality.
  • NamPower (National Utility of Namibia), three 220/132/33kV Substations, all with redundant network, redundant RTU.  IEC61850 I/O boxes in the yard. Over 100 signals on GOOSE per Bay for tripping, interlocking and indications.

Our success stems from our ability to draw on our knowledge and offer our clients solutions that are customized to their needs.  We pride ourselves in being vendor independent and use our knowledge and excellent partnerships with our suppliers to offer cutting edge solutions.

CPP have the ability to:

  • Specify, Design, Construct and Test IEC61850 Substations;
  • Modify and customise SCL files (ICD,CID,SCD,SSD) as per client requirements;
  • Prepare quality documentation of Networks, IEC61850 MMS databases, GOOSE Matrix and logics;
  • Test and Diagnose Industrial Ethernet Networks, Fibre optic cabling, IEC61850 MMS and GOOSE communications;
  • Maximise return on investment through IEC61850 implementation;
  • Continuous improvement and training for our clients.