Consolidated Power Projects

Gullen Range WF - Full NTP 2012/2013 $10m->
Mt Lock WF Connection - Working on Phase  2 stages of the projects-This includes 15km of undergrounding FO. 2012/2013 <$1m
Snowtown II - WF Electrical BoP 2012/2013 $10m->
Snowtown II - WF 275kV Grid Sub 2012/2013 $10m->
Macarthur -  Some Bop Cabling works and   commissioning for 500/132kV & 132/33kV substations. 2011/2012 $1m-$5m
Macarthur - Design of entire Wind Farm - Leightons 2011/2012 $1m-$5m
Lyndale: 66/22kV TF No 3 2012 <$1m
Mortons Lane - Gold Wind 2011/2012 $10m->
Musselroe wind Farm - Hydrotas 2011/2012 $10m->
Nareeb Substation  -Powercor 2010/2011 <$1m
Belalie 275kV Substation Wind Farm Grid Connection 2009/2010 $10m->
Cherry Gardens TF1 Weschler Des & Install 2009/2010 <$1m
Earth Grid Integrity Testing 2009/2010 <$1m
Mayurra 132/33kV Upgrade : Stage - LB3 2009/2010 <$1m
North Brown Hill 275/33kV BoP Electrical System 2009/2010 $10m->
Pt Lincoln 33kV Substation Upgrade 2009/2010 $1m-$5m
Waterloo East 132kV Wind Farm Grid Connection 2009/2010 $5m-$10m
Waterloo Wind Farm 132/33kV BoP Electrical System 2009/2010 $10m->
Hepburn Wiind farm - Repower 2010 <$1m
Vineyard 330/132kV Substation 2010 $5m-$10m
Blyth West:275kV grid connection 2010 $10m->
Woodlawn Wind farm - Repower 2010 $5m-$10m
Upper Tumut - Transgrid 2010 $5m-$10m
Templers West - Tenix 2010 <$1m
Bluff Wind Farm - Electranet 2010 <$1m
St George SVC Replacements - ASC 2010 <$1m
Wudinna 132/66kV - Tenix 2010 <$1m
Amcor Glass Plant Capacity Increase 2009 <$1m
Cherry Gardens AC Board Replacement 2009 <$1m
Clements Gap WF 132/33kV BoP Electrical System & Civil Works 2009 $10m->
Engineering Support : IEC 61850 Technology 2009 <$1m
Hallett Hill Wind Farm 275/33kV BoP Electrical System 2009 $10m->
Kanmantoo CB Replacement 2009 <$1m
Magill Kelman Gas Monitor 2009 <$1m
Morgan Whyalla PS3 Substation Fence Asphalt 2009 <$1m
Morgan Whyalla PS4 Fence Isolation Panels 2009 <$1m
Mornington Substation Earth Review 2009 <$1m
Palisade Footing Design 2009 <$1m
Para East CVT Change 2009 <$1m
Redhill 132kV Wind Farm Grid Connection 2009 $1m-$10m
Relocate 40MVA Transformer - QLD to SA 2009 <$1m
Snuggery CT Change 2009 <$1m
Stony Point Protection & Metering Design 2009 <$1m
Baroota 132/33kV Transformer Replacement 2008 <$1m
BHP Engineering Support 2008 <$1m
Caulfield 66/11kV Substation 2008 $1m-$5m
Clare North Substation 2008 <$1m
Davenport : Design for Cultana 275kV OHL Relocation 2008 <$1m
Desalination Plant Phase 2 Design & Estimates 2008 <$1m
Eastern Hills Network Phase 2 Concepts & Estimates 2008 <$1m
Eberle Relay Installation at Magill Substation 2008 <$1m
Eberle Template Design 2008 <$1m
Eberle Testing 2008 <$1m
Eberle Voltage Controls - Electranet 2008 <$1m
Install Anti-Climb to Electranet Structures 2008 <$1m
Installation of Step Up transformers 2008 <$1m
Kilburn 66kV Substation NER 2008 <$1m
Lepper Transformer Investigation 2008 <$1m
Lepper Transformer Testing 2008 <$1m
Makota 275kV Substation Wind Farm Grid Connection 2008 $5m-$10m
Mallala Power Station Connection 2008 <$1m
MBH Supply Replacement Radiators 2008 <$1m
Mobilong 132kV CT Change 2008 <$1m
Mobilong 132kV Substation NER 2008 <$1m
Mobilong 33kV Surge Arrestor Replacement 2008 <$1m
Moorabbin Substation Upgrade : Design 2008 <$1m
Morgan / Whyalla PS Earth Grid Works 2008 <$1m
Morgan Whyalla No 4 Pumping Station : Earth Grid 2008 <$1m
Mt Millar Protection Settings 2008 <$1m
Murray Bridge-Hahndorf Pipeline Substation Upgrade 2008 <$1m
Para SS Dam Repairs 2008 <$1m
Penola West 132/33kV Substation 2008 <$1m
Playford Relocation Check Price 2008 <$1m
Port Lincoln Substation - Phase 2 2008 <$1m
PWEP II Elec Balance of Plant Ops & Maint 2008 <$1m
PWEP III 66/22kV BoP Electrical System 2008 $10m->
Snowtown Weather Station 2008 <$1m
Snuggery Eberle Standby Parts 2008 <$1m
Snuggery OLTC Motor Drive Replacement 2008 <$1m
Soil Resistivity and Foundation Resistance Testing 2008 <$1m
Supply CB/CT Steel Skid Frame 2008 <$1m
Tailem Bend Transformer Storage 2008 <$1m
TINS 66kV Connection Upgrade 2008 $1m-$5m
Toora Wind Farm Design Review 2008 <$1m
Torrens Island 66kV Switchyard Upgrade 2008 <$1m
Waterloo Wind Farm Connection 2008 <$1m
Whyalla 132kV CB 6047 Replacement 2008 <$1m
Asset Monitoring and Maintenance Services 2007 <$1m
Brinkworth 275kV CB6529 Bypass 2007 <$1m
Brinkworth Protection Upgrade 2007 <$1m
Bungama 275kV Substation Fault Locator installation 2007 <$1m
Cherry Gardens 275/132kV Protection & Control Design & Supply 2007 $1m-$5m
Cherry Gardens 275/132kV Substation Detailed Design 2007 $1m-$5m
Crookwell Wind Farm Maintenance 2007 <$1m
Cyberkey Keypad Installation - Various Sites 2007 <$1m
Dandenong 66/22kV Zone Substation 2007 $1m-$5m
Davenport & Para TWS Fault Locator Signals 2007 <$1m
Davenport Substation 60MVA Transformer relocation to NSW 2007 <$1m
Davenport Substation 60MVA Transformer relocation to Qld 2007 <$1m
Dorrien Substation Remedial Works 2007 <$1m
Drawing Updates for Various Projects 2007 <$1m
Engineering and Drafting Support - ElectraNet 2007 <$1m
Hallet Gas Turbine Expansion - Phase 2 2007 <$1m
In-House Estimating System Project 2007 <$1m
Kanmantoo Mine 132kV Substation 2007 <$1m
Keith Substation Design Verification 2007 <$1m
Keith Substation TF1 Replacement 2007 <$1m
Le Fevre 275/66kV Substation Upgrade 2007 <$1m
LPS Relay Change-over 2007 <$1m
Mayurra 132/33kV Upgrade : Stage - LB2 2007 <$1m
Middleback Lighting Upgrades 2007 <$1m
Middleback Yard Surfacing 2007 <$1m
Millbrook 132kV CB Replacement 2007 <$1m
Mobilong Substation Upgrade 2007 <$1m
Modifications to PSPM Installations - 18 sites 2007 <$1m
Mount Gunson 132kV CB6015 Replacement 2007 <$1m
Mt Miller 132/33kV Substation 2007 $1m-$5m
Network PSPM Installations 2007 $1m-$5m
North West Bend 132kV CB6021 Replacement 2007 <$1m
North West Bend 132kV CB6025 Replacement 2007 <$1m
North West Bend Protection Modifications 2007 <$1m
Olympic Dam Transmission Connection 2007 <$1m
OPSWAN Upgrades at Various Locations 2007 <$1m
P123 Relay Audits at Various Sites 2007 <$1m
P3C 220/66kV 2 x 100MVA Substation 2007 $10m->
Pimba Weather Station SCADA Installation 2007 <$1m
Playford - Whyalla Protection Setting Changes 2007 <$1m
Playford 132kV CB AL4 Replacement 2007 <$1m
Portland (Alcoa) 220kV Bay 6 : 3 x 245kV CB's 2007 $1m-$5m
Project Engineering Support 2007 <$1m
Project Mgmt Support to ElectraNet SA 2007 <$1m
PWEP II 66/22kV BoP Electrical System 2007 $5m-$10m
Relocate 25MVA Transformer 2007 <$1m
Relocate Transformer Keith to Tailem Bend 2005 <$1m
Snowtown Wind Farm 132kV Grid Connection Substation 2007 $1m-$5m
Spare SDM Feeder Protection Panels 2007 <$1m
Springvale West VT Marshalling Kiosks 2007 <$1m
Starfish Hill Protection Review 2007 <$1m
Starfish Hill Windfarm Maintenance 2007 <$1m
Suzlon Consultancy Services 2007 <$1m
Transformer Tap Changer Control 2007 <$1m
Tungkillo 275kV Substation 2007 $1m-$5m
Waterloo Substation 2007 <$1m
Westgate 66kV Isolators 2007 <$1m
Whyalla Feeder 1810 Protection Upgrade 2007 <$1m
Capacitor Bank 132kV Control System 2006 <$1m
Cherry Gardens 275kV Substation Upgrades 2006 <$1m
Chris Smith Projects 2006 <$1m
Dorien Spare Transformer Installation 2006 <$1m
Earthing Compliance Refurb & Testing 2006 <$1m
ElectraNet Maintenance Projects 2006 <$1m
Happy Valley/ MVE Insulator Refurbishment 2006 <$1m
Install Transmission Tower Anti-climbs 2006 <$1m
Middleback 132kV Substation Upgrade 2006 $1m-$5m
Murray Bridge 132kV Upgrades 2006 <$1m
New Signage at Various Substations 2006 <$1m
Nunawading 66/11kV Substation Upgrade 2006 <$1m
Oakleigh 66/11kV Substation Upgrade - Stage 2 2006 <$1m
Para 415V Station Supplies 2006 <$1m
Replacement of Aged Asset  : 132kV & 275kV 2006 <$1m
Tailem Bend-Keith 132kV Upgrades 2006 <$1m
TIPS 66kV Cable Ugrade Design 2006 <$1m
Trm Tower Tamper Proofing Installation 2006 <$1m
TRSD Review 2006 <$1m
Underground 66kV Cabling Investigation 2006 <$1m
Western Suburbs Engineering Support 2006 <$1m
Whyalla 132kV CB Replacement 2006 <$1m
Budget Costing for 66kV UG Cable System 2005 <$1m
Canowie 275kV Substation SCADA Upgrade 2005 <$1m
Cape Jervis SVC Stage 2 2005 <$1m
Monaro Design 2005 <$1m
Northfield & North West Bend + Dorrien Inspection 2005 <$1m
Oakleigh 66/11kV Substation Upgrade - Stage 1 2005 $1m-$5m
Project Management - ElectraNet Small Projects 2005 <$1m
Sleaford 132/33kV Substation 2005 $1m-$5m
Wattle Point Inspections 2005 <$1m
Waubra Wind Farm Substations (x3) 2005 <$1m
Windfarm Interfacing Consultancy - Various 2005 <$1m
North Field and North West Bend Inspection  2004 <$1m
Clarinda/Oakleigh East 66/22 kV Substations 2003 $1m-$5m
Crookwell O&M Services 2003 <$1m
Frankston Zone 66/22kV Substation 2003 <$1m
Starfish Hill Wind Farm 33kV Substation & 33kV Cable System 2003 $1m-$5m
Starfish Hill Wind Farm 33kV SVC and Capacitor Banks 2003 $1m-$5m
Westgate 66/11kV Substation 2003 $1m-$5m
Yallourn Power Station MV System Upgrade 2003 <$1m
Blaney Wind Farm 66/11kV Balance of Plant 2001 $1m-$5m
Codrington Wind Farm 66/22kV Substation 2001 $1m-$5m
Crookwell Wind Farm 66/11kV Electrical and Civil Balance of Plant 1998 $1m-$5m